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Solar Installation

Explore customized solar solutions tailored to your budget. Save on energy costs and contribute to a greener future with Ipsun Solar.

Home Battery Solutions

Use your solar energy any time! With the addition of a home battery storage system, you have the comfort of knowing you have access to backup power in case of a storm outage or grid failure.

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Solar Maintenance

Keep your solar system producing at peak performance. Our dedicated maintenance team is at your service.

Why work with Ipsun solar

Amicus Member

Part of a select solar cooperative called Amicus composed of premium solar companies around the U.S.

Long Term Quality

For solar systems that need to run over 20 years, doing it right, with capable management, getting all permits and licenses without drama or chaos makes sense.

We Are A B-Corp

B-Corporations are a new type of business that seeks to be a model for the greater good. We are the change we want to see in the world.

Ipsun App

Our Ipsun App helps you track your solar energy production and usage.

Excellent Reviews

We want to provide the best experience in going solar. We like to think we’re doing our job well, but you can hear the same from our customers online.

We Know Solar

Ipsun is composed of passionate people that have decades of solar experience. We only use the best products and deliver a quality service.

Go Solar and Save

Switch to solar and start enjoying the benefits of clean energy! Our expert team offers customized solutions to fit your needs. Go solar today!