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What does Ipsun Offer?

Solar Installation

Explore customized solar solutions tailored to your budget. Save on energy costs and contribute to a greener future with Ipsun Solar.

Home Battery Solutions

Use your solar energy any time! With the addition of a home battery storage system, you have the comfort of knowing you have access to backup power in case of a storm outage or grid failure.

Solar Maintenance

Keep your solar system producing at peak performance. Our dedicated maintenance team is at your service.

Why Ipsun Solar?

We prioritize your peace of mind by making solar installation easy and stress-free. We handle all the details, from permits to inspections, so you can sit back and enjoy your new renewable energy.

Plus, our 25+ year hardware warranty ensures the reliability of your solar solution. We offer you innovative residential solar electricity, battery storage for backup power, and maintenance.

Part of a select solar cooperative called Amicus composed of premium solar companies around the U.S.

For solar systems that need to run over 20 years, doing it right, with capable management, getting all permits and licenses without drama or chaos makes sense.

B-Corporations are a new type of business that seeks to be a model for the greater good. We are the change we want to see in the world.

Our Ipsun App helps you track your solar energy production and usage.

We want to provide the best experience in going solar. We like to think we’re doing our job well, but you can hear the same from our customers online.

Ipsun has successfully completed over 1000+ installations in the DMV and works with solar experts that have decades of experience. We only use the best products and deliver a quality service.

Why Go Solar Now?


Financial Savings

Federal and State Incentives:

There are various federal and local financial incentives and tax credits available for residential and commercial solar installations. 

Net Metering Programs: 

Many utilities in the DMV area offer net metering, allowing homeowners to earn credits for excess electricity produced by their solar panels.

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Environmental Impact

Reduced Carbon Footprint:

Solar energy is a clean and renewable source of power that produces electricity without emitting greenhouse gases.

Local Air Quality Improvement:

Using solar power helps decrease the reliance on fossil fuels, which improves local air quality by reducing pollutants.

Baltimore County, Maryland aerial view solar installers


Energy Resilience:

Energy Security:

Solar power provides a decentralized and distributed source of energy, reducing dependence on centralized power grids.

Resilience During Power Outages: 

Solar panels paired with energy storage solutions, such as batteries, can provide a reliable source of electricity during grid outages.

Ipsun Solar Installation in Rockville, MD

Solar FAQ's

The cost for a customer to purchase a solar array is generally measured as a price per Watt. This number represents the full cost of an installation including design, permitting, materials, and labor. We offer systems in the range of $2.50-$4.00/Watt depending on your specific situation and needs. That means an average system size of 5 kiloWatts (or 5,000 Watts) would cost between $12,500 and $17,500. You can see from the recent projects in our company portfolio that the size of solar systems varies quite a bit. In most cases the majority of that cost can be recovered in the very first year after an installation. Federal tax incentives and energy savings pay back the owner’s cost. We are as transparent as possible about pricing because we stand for empowering the customer. We have to make sure our business remains healthy and sound, and at the same time we strive to do our part to keep solar affordable for residents in our region.

Ipsun offers a few different financing options including low interest solar loans, solar purchase, and power purchase agreements or leases with no capital costs and immediate savings. You can learn more here. 

Yes, in nearly all cases. Your solar power system generates electricity when the sun is out, during the peak hours of demand. But your utility will continue to supply your electricity at night and at other times when you are using more electricity than you are generating. Believe it or not, you probably want to stay connected to the grid not only for the times when your solar energy isn’t quite enough, but also to get credit for any surplus solar energy you send out from your home to the grid.  Read more on our blog about how your solar electric system interfaces with your utility provider.

With a solar battery storage system, you can store the excess energy your solar panels generate during the day and use it after dark. This means you can maximize your use of clean energy and reduce your dependence on the grid. You’ll also save money on your electricity bill by using less power from your utility company. Learn more about batteries here.

Reports show that solar increases home values by up to 4%, and transferring to a new owner is simple. Based on your purchase option, your solar assessment specialist can provide more information on the transfer process when selling a home with solar.

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