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Included in the process (and price) of a full service solar energy installation is permitting. Every home or business address going solar requires sign-off by the “Authority Having Jurisdiction,” or AHJ for short, at that location.

You may have noticed that some places in our area may have misleading mailing addresses or neighborhood nicknames. We always double check the city or county using this finder tool at https://ahjregistry.sunspec.org/#/ahj-search – and you can test it using your address too! This way we ensure that we start the solar permitting process in the correct place every time.

Permitting keeps every solar project safe and high-quality. We think it even helps connect the local government, our industry, solar users, first responders, and even homebuilders. Hopefully we all align and mesh into a well-oiled machine of solar progress across our communities. That said, sometimes permitting offices are very busy given the popularity of solar and limited resources. We will keep you posted on your solar permitting when you need to know updates!