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Action Alert: Help us Protect Homeowners’ Solar Rights!

Last spring, we were thrilled when Solar United Neighbors and other solar advocates efforts to pass legislation clarifying homeowners’ rights within an HOA were successful. The passage of their bill through the Virginia legislature meant anyone living within an HOA now had clear guidelines about how much an HOA can be involved in a solar project. The law now states that HOAs cannot instruct the homeowner to make changes to a project that would increase the cost by more than 5%, or decrease the expected output by more than 10%.

A New Threat to Homeowners’ Solar Rights

The 2020 effort was seen as a huge success in balancing the rights of solar owners and HOA authority, but in this year’s General Assembly, a bill has been introduced to block that previous ruling. The new 2021 bill, SB1463, would undo our progress and much more. It would give developers the ability to restrict solar in planned, new developments. They could do this without input from residents. This would act like a solar moratorium for future residents.

SB 1463 would:
• Give developers unilateral control to restrict solar for new, planned developments without input from residents.
• Cost jobs in the solar industry
• Hinder the ability of homeowners to save money with solar
• Stifle progress in building clean, resilient energy into our local communities
• Weaken a consensus statute passed with overwhelming bipartisan support

What this means

HOA restrictions can be a serious barrier to solar. They can add hassle and cost to the process. These delays have cost millions of dollars in lost savings for Virginia families and lost revenue for solar installers.

What you can do

Use this form to send an email to your legislators. Let them know that SB 1463 is a step backwards for solar rights. If you have solar on your home, tell your lawmakers how solar has benefited your family. If you don’t yet have solar, tell them why you are concerned this bill could harm your ability to go solar.

Please weigh in today, and let your legislators know that solar energy for homeowners is a critical piece of the solution to the climate crisis, and that it should be everyone’s right to choose the type of energy they use. 
Thanks for helping, fam! We always know we can count on the Ipsun Tribe to make our voices heard loud and clear!


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