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Clean Energy Credit Union: Solar finance with a conscience

Here at Ipsun, we think a lot about how solar gets financed, for both residential and commercial projects. Because we’re a values-based company, we don’t like seeing big companies or for-profit banks make a lot of money off the DMV’s transition to renewable energy.

We think of solar as a community-based, people-helping-people movement that we are a part of every day. And along with our mission of fighting the climate crisis, we love that solar helps people with their everyday needs by lowering their electric bill and giving them control over their energy. That’s why we’re so excited about our partnership with Clean Energy Credit Union.

The Clean Energy Credit Union is a financial and lending institution focused solely on loans that help people afford solar electric systems, electric vehicles, home energy efficiency retrofits, net-zero energy homes and more. Clean Energy Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial services cooperative and a federally chartered credit union. As a cooperative, it’s democratically owned and controlled by its members on a one-vote-per-member basis.

We love Clean Energy Credit Union because they serve their mission and members rather than stockholders. Both their federal tax-exemption and the lack of stockholder dividend payouts enable them to pass along substantial savings to their members in the form of better loan rates. 

Join us for a lunchtime webinar Wednesday, December 2nd, 12:00 – 12:45pm to learn all about Clean Energy Credit Union. Ipsun Sales Director Patrick Cavanaugh and Solar Support Specialist Jane Nester will be on hand to answer all of your questions. Register Now!

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Why work with a credit union and not a bank? 

As a non-profit financial institution, the Clean Energy Credit Union is transparent. Other solar loan providers carry fees ranging from 7% to as high as 20% in some cases! These fees are passed along to you, the homeowner, hidden by an extremely low-interest rate. With these other institutions, you’re paying the interest on the front end!

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What makes this Credit Union different and worthy of your support?

  • Unique, values-aligned mission and thematic focus on clean energy
  • Tax exempt, not-for-profit status
  • Federally insured deposits (up to $250,000 per member)
  • Online-only banking means we can pass on low operating costs to members in the form of better loan terms
  • Democratic, cooperative business model that serves credit union members instead of bank stockholders
  • Longstanding expertise and key partnerships within the energy industry

No Interest Loans

We offer 12-month Same-As-Cash loans that help homeowners have a year to take back the tax credit and available local incentives.  

Low Monthly Payment

We offer loans as long as 20-years that are often at or under your current monthly power bill!  There is never a pre-payment penalty with the CECU. 

We hope you’ll join us to learn more at our Clean Energy Credit Union webinar Wednesday, December 2nd, 12:00 – 12:45pm!

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