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Clean Energy DC is the District’s climate action plan

Leaders and community members in Washington, D.C. know that the climate crisis spells danger for residents, institutions, and businesses based here.
Clean Energy DC
is the District’s plan to reduce energy consumption by transportation and buildings, repower the nation’s capital with renewable energy, and track substantial emissions reductions from 2006 numbers.
DC GHG reduction goals graph (2)-1

  • 50% renewable by 2032
  • Use 50% less total energy relative to 2012 numbers by 2032 – efficiency first!
  • Reduce carbon emissions to zero in 2050
  • This keeps the District on track to meet the 2015 Paris Agreement goals

DC’s climate action plan includes goals that balance pragmatism with the bold action that’s needed to help avert the most intense climate change scenario and its dangers

Customer owned renewable energy is an essential piece of the plan

Take a 6 KiloWatt solar installation, about the average for our residential projects. Just during the time it’s under panel warranty (the first 25 years) it will save carbon emissions equivalent to taking 30 cars off the road for the same amount of time. That’s estimated to be about the same as planting 4,000 new trees.

Property owners, managers, coop members, business owners and those running non profits can all play a role. By engaging with decision makers for any building you use – whether your gym, your school, a store you shop at, an office you work in, or a church you attend about potentially going solar, you can be a part of the solution to cut carbon in DC. Ipsun Solar has helped push for renewable energy before, and it will continue to support DC’s climate action plan. 

Check out two of our recent case studies of solarizing buildings in DC.

CrossFit Gym – H Street – Washington, DC

The Maryland Condominium Building – Maryland Ave – Washington, DC

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