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Dump the pump: solar and your EV

When you drive an electric vehicle, you leave internal combustion engines behind and switch to an efficient, clean mode of automotive style! With future gasoline prices unpredictable and a chance to make your transportation more sustainable, more than ever drivers are choosing electric vehicles. But what’s the benefit of going solar to provide energy to charge your EV?

Ipsun company plug-inA new chart lays out the latest math for the low cost of driving your EV when you charge it with solar and an affordable charger. For years, we’ve been going by estimates that put EV driving at about $0.30-$0.40 per gallon equivalent. This story puts it another way: Today’s EVs can take you 50 miles for only about $2 worth of energy, and when that energy is solar it’s just as affordable!

This is only counting plug-in hybrids in their electric mode or pure plug-in electric vehicles, and relies on some basic assumptions about the range of solar energy pricing. The good folks at Solar Power Rocks worked through an example and made infographics to illustrate the value of solar + EV! Ready to look at solar? We have resources compiled from our proven approach to solar projects in MD, VA and DC.


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