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Electric Vehicles: Snatch Up Savings!

Worried switching to an electric car is too expensive? Think again, there are many ways to save!

    Worried that switching to an electric car is too expensive? Don’t worry, an electric car can be cheaper than you think. A study at the University of Michigan found that electric cars cost less than half as much to drive per year, simply because electricity is cheaper than gasoline. This fuel difference alone can save $600 annually, and your electric vehicle will start to pay for itself year by year.

    Even better, the U.S. government subsidizes the purchase of new electric cars! Depending on the model and year, a new car owner can save between $1,875 and $7,500 dollars from a federal rebate. This definitely helps reduce the cost of switching to a green, efficient electric vehicle. See the table below for some common models and their rebates, or see the full list here.

    Charging your electric car is also easier than it used to be. Home EV charging stations are cheaper and safer every year, allowing electric vehicle owners to charge fully overnight. Public charging stations are also an emerging trend across the United States, with many offices, gas stations, and businesses offering stations for charging during the work day. You can find a full list of EV charging stations in the United States here.

    Electric cars are a growing force in the U.S., and each year new models keep improving and growing less expensive. Making the switch is less expensive than many think because of rebates and fuel savings. Charging your electric vehicle at home and across town are also easier than ever before, with more charging stations added every couple months. Electric cars also reduce air and noise pollution, especially when coupled with renewable energy like solar panels. Consider making the switch today, and start saving!

      Common Electric Vehicle Rebates


Electric cars go great with solar too. We’d encourage homeowners looking to get sustainable, affordable electricity and transportation to plan a solar install and an electric car charger project. Get your project quote started today!

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