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How Solar Energy Is Empowering Architects and Their Clients

Technological advances in solar energy have made solar panels a more appealing option than ever before. Businesses can capitalize on these innovations by installing commercial arrays on their buildings. Those with new builds can benefit from architects implementing their design and including solar panels as part of the build process.

Modern panels are now designed to offer an array of advantages for commercial buildings that will help these structures stand out from the crowd both visually and functionally. Learn how commercial solar energy is transforming the field of architecture, enabling innovative and sustainable designs while providing clients with eco-friendly and cost-effective solutions.

Sustainability Without Increased Footprint

When architects plan for solar panels as part of their original design plans, they can maximize the energy produced by the building without dedicating extra footprint to the array. Instead of utilizing an open area such as a garden or green space as a small solar farm, panels can be incorporated directly into the building’s construction. From this, a building can fulfill much (or all) of its own energy needs depending on its location and the orientation and number of solar panels. Sustainability can increase a building’s value, save money, and improve the environmental impact of construction. It can also produce cleaner air and a more comfortable environment around the building itself, boosting customer and worker satisfaction for those who visit.

Energy Independence for Greater Reliability

Another advantage of solar panels that are included seamlessly in architectural design is their ability to help businesses and private homeowners achieve energy independence. Solar panels produce energy as a result of exposure to ultraviolet rays generated by the sun. This energy is routed to the building without passing through the municipal grid, which disconnects the structure from grid power. This means that owners are shielded from pricing changes for energy, as well as outages and interruptions. Should a power outage occur, the solar panels will continue to supply energy as normal.

Buildings that utilize a battery backup have even more options. During the day, batteries can be used to store energy further disconnecting users from grid reliance. Should local authorities need to temporarily shut off power to conduct work, solar panel production will remain uninterrupted. This boost in reliability can also be factored directly into the construction planning for a building.

Panels as Part of Décor

While solar panels do play a significant role in the financial considerations of a new or existing building, these aren’t the only elements to consider. As a result of material innovations solar panels have become less bulky and cumbersome than in the past; a strategic architectural approach can empower businesses to utilize the panels as part of the aesthetic design. Imagine creating beautiful patterns on the side of your building or roof using panels. Perhaps your structure would benefit instead of creatively implementing solar arrays to provide shade or accent a specific area or nook of the building. Creative applications such as these can leverage solar panels for both practical functions and creative visual appearance.

Leadership Initiatives and Reputation

For many businesses, solar panels are also a means to improve their reputation and demonstrate their leadership in sustainability and community impact. Clients who favor sustainably minded partners are more likely to choose businesses that utilize solar panels. Architects can also benefit in a similar manner by winning more contracts with a sustainable focus thanks to their work on such projects. Businesses and design professionals can position themselves at the head of an emerging trend in environmentally conscious architecture and design, boosting their reputation and converting more clients as a result.

Take Advantage of Solar Panels Through Reputable Installers

If you are considering solar panels for your business, it is important that you choose an installer who has experience in maximizing not only the productivity of your panels but their impact on the aesthetic of your business. The team at Ipsun Solar is proud to be part of the Amicus Solar Cooperative—a collective of solar professionals who strive to stay on the cutting edge of solar innovation and work together to deliver fair pricing and honest, ethical practices to all of their clients. Ipsun works diligently to maintain its certification as a B Corp business legally bound to behave ethically and with consideration for our impact on the community, environment, and workers.

Solar panels can revitalize your commercial building and empower architects to reinvent how they design, but this design must be paired with high-quality, professional installers. Get a free solar power estimate to lower your utility bill and discover how solar panels can integrate into your business frontage.

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