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Installing Solar on Flat Roofs

Flat roof solar installation is both possible and affordable! With prices comparable to other rooftop installation costs, your flat roof is an excellent location for a solar energy system. With technology allowing smooth installation and deliberate angling, a flat roof solar system is a great option for urban and other homes’ energy needs.

Flat Roof Solar Is Possible

Flat roof installations are still possible, but need a little more care and thought beforehand. A good first step is to find a local solar company that installs on flat roofs. Not every company does flat-roof installations, so be sure to ask if they have that service – we do. You’d need to reach out to companies until you find one comfortable and equipped for flat-roof solar. Ipsun Solar does install on flat roofs if you live in the D.C. Metro area. Don’t miss the chance to turn an unproductive flat roof into a source of clean energy.


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How to Know if Flat Roof Solar Is For You

The most important step towards flat roof solar is to have a company inspector visit and inspect your roof. Flat roofs need to be assessed for drains and ‘ponding’ of rainwater, and the inspector will also check the strength of your roof. Depending on what materials your roof is made of, shading, vents, the angle of the sun, and other factors, the inspector will give you their assessment. If the inspector believes your flat roof will support solar, there should be no issues designing an excellent solar array. And if flat roof solar will not work on your roof, then ask about other options like community solar. See a list of inspection topics here.




Mounting the Panels

To get the most direct sun, flat-roof solar panels may need mounts that angle them towards the sun. Not every flat roof will require these special mounts; your installer will determine if mounts are needed. For a good idea of mounts and styles, see this brochure. These mounts don’t always involve drilling into the roof, but some do. Consult with your installer about your preferences and the needs of your specific array to find the best mounts for your needs. Your installer will also determine the number of panels needed to power your home


Comparable Cost

Flat-roof solar arrays don’t need to be more expensive than traditional, angled panels. Mounting and inspection are pieces of any solar array, and your flat-roof solar may simply require special mounts. Ask your local installers how flat roof prices compare, and you may be surprised. A well-made flat roof array also can produce the same amount of clean energy, saving on utility bills every year to help offset costs. Consider a flat roof solar array today, and realize your full solar potential!

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