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Ipsun Solar Now Carbon Neutral!

Ipsun Solar is now a certified carbon-neutral company, adding another element to our commitment to a better environment. As a certified B Corporation, Ipsun Solar is furthering its promise to promote a more just and sustainable future. Carbon neutrality is another way in which we are leading the solar industry forward and promoting a healthier, greener future for our world and our company



What Is Carbon Neutrality?

By going carbon neutral, Ipsun Solar is making a commitment to balance out the carbon dioxide it creates through its business practices. Ipsun Solar produces a certain amount of greenhouse gases per year, known as our carbon footprint. This carbon footprint is very hard to eliminate and still do business, so Ipsun Solar has effectively “balanced out” its footprint through subsidizing projects that take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. We are certified through Vinçotte, a respected Belgian accrediting company that can give a third-party opinion of our work. You can learn more about this process here.


Your Company Can Go Carbon Neutral!

Ipsun Solar is helping lead the way to carbon neutrality, but we can’t create a clean environment alone. Your company can start going carbon neutral today and join the fight against climate change. The most important step is calculating your company’s carbon footprint and establishing a baseline. You can find a carbon dioxide calculator here, or use a variety of other services. Accrediting agencies and companies can offer projects to balance out your greenhouse gas emissions. One great way to gain carbon neutrality is to go solar. Especially when paired with a battery system, you can have a positive impact on the housing market, stop producing carbon dioxide and save money in the long run.  


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