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New Virtual Site Surveys Keep Everyone Safe During Covid-19 Crisis

Bonus: They save you time and money too!

We’re excited to let you know that as we’re adapting and rolling with things here at Ipsun, we’ve come up with a great new virtual site survey process that will keep you safe and save you time and money. Our new process allows us to start your project in a completely contactless way, so you can get your design in place and reserve your spot in our project pipeline as soon as possible.

We’ve always started our process with a free virtual quote from one of our solar experts, and that remains the same. We use remote technology to prepare an estimate of how much solar would cost you, design what a solar array would look like on your roof, and determine how much of your future electricity usage would be covered by solar production.

After you receive your quote, you would normally schedule a technical site survey with your sales representative so that they can go over the details of the quote with you, look at your roof for any obstacles, and do some measurements and readings on your electrical box and utility meter.

Luckily, we’ve been able to come up with a quick and simple process to do this step virtually. We’re really pleased with how it’s been working so far, and customers are excited about how quickly it makes the process move along.

We will continue to adapt so that we can continue to serve our mission, which is to fight climate change by installing as much solar as possible. We’re glad our customers are in this fight with us and are willing to roll with the situation. When it’s time to rebuild our country and our world, we know that renewable energy will have to be a key piece of the new economy and we’ll keep adapting so that we’re always ready to answer that call. Give us a shout today and join us!


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