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Solar Installer Fastest Growing Job In 8 States

Yahoo Finance came out with an interesting info-graphics about the fastest growing jobs in the U.S. 8 U.S. States have solar as the fastest growing jobs including: California, Hawaii, New Mexico, North Carolina, Florida, Missouri, Minnesota, and New Jersey.

Ipsun Solar hires people all the time, check out our open positions here. We know solar jobs are growing fast, we didn’t know how fast it is growing for everybody else. As we respond to a higher demand for solar amid strict bureaucracy in the industry, knowledgeable employees are a must.

Fastest growing jobs in the USsource: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/available-jobs-us-143220860.html

If you’re interested in joining the fasted growing industry, if you want to help save our planet, if you want to be part of the economy of the future, then reach out to us, to be part of this. If you’re curious about having solar yourself, you can read our guide to go solar for your home or business. You should also encourage your local representative(s) to join the Congressional Solar Caucus. Learn more here!


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