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Spread the Sunshine! DC Solar For All Program Brings Free Solar to Qualified DC Residents

Who among us would not love a free solar energy system? DC Solar for All is offering just that, and Ipsun is proud to have been selected as an installer for the program. If you live in DC, and if you, your friends or family members qualify, let’s build you a free solar system! 
The DC Solar for All program is part of DC’s effort to transition to 100% clean electricity by 2032. In 2019, a law was passed that mandated the city to make this transition, and the DC Solar for All program not only helps this process, but also ensures that it’s done in a equitable way. 
Solar for All helps all DC residents benefit from clean, renewable energy. The goal of the program is to bring solar to 100,000 low-to-moderate income families by 2032. Many people can’t afford to buy a solar energy system outright, and others may not be able to go solar because their roof is not suitable or because they rent their home. Solar for All helps people in all of these situations take advantage of renewable solar energy and save money. 
If you qualify, the upfront cost is covered by the program, so you start saving on your electric bill as soon as the system is turned on. Even if you rent, you’re still eligible as long as your landlord agrees to participate. And if your roof is not suitable, qualified applicants can buy into Solar for All’s community solar program to get a portion of your electric use covered by off-site solar energy. 
Every Solar for All participant should expect to see a 50% savings on their electricity bill over 15 years, in addition to being a proud member of the renewable energy movement!  In order to be qualify, residents must meet the guidelines below:
  1. Have an eligible roof
  2. Live in DC
  3. Income qualify, either by:
  • being enrolled in one of a few different DC assistance programs (like SNAP or a utility discount program) 
  • OR
  • have an income lower than $70K for a one-person household, $80K for two people, $90K for three people, and so on.
If you, or any of your friends or family can use a solar system to help out with utility bills, then let’s get started! Please give our Sun Crew a call at 703-249-6594. They would love to fill you in on the details and will also be happy to talk to your friends and family members who might be interested. Reach out and see if you qualify today—we can’t wait to work with you to save you money and help you be a renewable energy leader!
Give our Sun Crew a Call!
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