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The Ipsun App Keeps You Informed of Every Step in Your Solar Journey

Some of the most frequent questions we get from our customers are about what to expect during the solar process. We want to make the entire process as transparent as we possibly can. That’s why we developed our very own app to keep you informed every step of the way.

From the day you choose to go solar with us, you’ll have access to the Ipsun App where you can proactively check the status of your project, get in touch with your project manager or your salesperson, open a maintenance ticket, refer a friend and earn referral bonuses, and see your environmental offsets at a glance.

The project tracker guide shows where you are in the solar process

As soon as you enter our project pipeline, our project tracker guide shows you where are you are in the process and what’s coming up next:

App image 4

From design to permitting, to installation, to interconnection, you will be informed every step of the way. If there are delays you’ll know when and why, and you’ll be able to talk to us about what we are doing about it. Good communication and transparency are of the utmost importance to us and your customer experience is our highest priority.

View your energy production and system benefits at a glance

As soon as your system is turned on, the app also brings you an exciting new feature: your energy production graph. It will automatically start showing you your daily energy production on an hourly basis, and if you have consumption monitoring you can compare your production with your hourly usage.
App image 9
Any time you’re interested to know how your system is performing, a quick glance at the Ipsun App will give you the kilowatt-hours you are producing and your environmental offsets on that day so far. It’s a great way not only to stay on top of your own energy production and usage, but also a really cool view to share with friends and family to show them what it means to create your own power.

App image 2

Open maintenance tickets with one click

A great feature of the app is the ability to open a maintenance ticket with one click. It’ll put you in our service queue to have our maintenance team come and check out your system’s performance and troubleshoot any issues. This feature is especially helpful after you’ve turned your system on and are not in constant contact with us– it’s an easy way to get in touch without having to find your paperwork or look up our contact information.

Refer friends and family and earn referral bonuses

Our mission is to install as many solar panels as possible to fight climate change. One of the most effective ways we have found to achieve this mission is to work hard to earn your trust and earn your referrals. It lowers our costs so we can pass them on to you, and brings people together who want to be a part of the solar movement. And once you are producing your own power we know how much you want to shout it from the rooftops!

The Ipsun App is a great way to refer friends and family and grow the solar movement every day. A quick click in the app lets us know that we should contact your friend and give you credit for the referral. You’ll immediately receive a Starbucks gift card to thank you for referring someone. If they meet with us to get a free virtual quote, we’ll send you a $25 Amazon gift card. And if they end up going solar with us we’ll send you a check for $250. Our ultimate goal is to be a referral-based business–we would much rather give bonuses to our loyal customers than pay for some crazy social media advertising campaign!

Reach out with questions or suggestions

We have worked hard to create this app to improve your experience on your solar journey. We hope you agree that it achieves our goal of being as transparent as possible and offering the best communication of any solar company around. And we hope you’ll find huge value in this added service.

We also are actively developing the app at all times. As an Ipsun customer, you’re our partner on this project. Please contact us any time with suggestions for improvements or any questions you may have. We want to work with you to make the Ipsun app the most useful tool possible. Reach out to us and let us know what you think!

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