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What can consumers do to fight inflation?

Inflation is at a 50-year high with no sign of letting up, and the cost of goods is continuing to rise. Is there anything that consumers can do to fight inflation? 

When it comes to electricity costs, there is an easy and practical solution: going solar. When you go solar, you are effectively locking in thirty years of electricity costs, which are not subject to rising utility costs from unaccountable monopolies. Imagine if you could buy 30 years of groceries or thirty years of gasoline? Most people would take the opportunity to lock in the price of food today for the next three decades, and with solar you can do just that for your electricity bill. 

How does it work? Well when you buy your electricity from the utility, you are subject to rising costs that are associated with burning dirty fossil fuels (mining, extraction, transportation, combustion, etc). When you go solar, once the project is complete you have free electricity from the sun for thirty years, and nobody can take it away. As long as the sun rises in the morning, you’re getting a rate of return that rivals the stock market, and a stable form of electricity that isn’t subject to market volatility. 

It’s no wonder that the solar movement is growing so rapidly and the demand for solar panels is higher than ever. It’s a stable investment that adds 4% to your home value while locking in your price of power for decades to come, while generating clean renewable energy to help leave a cleaner planet for future generations. There quite literally is no other commodity that you can purchase in bulk for thirty years of supply, other than electricity from solar energy.

How do we know you’re going to be covered for thirty years? Ipsun Solar is one of an exclusive group of solar installers with access to the Solar Insure 30-year Warranty covering workmanship and labor reimbursement, so you have the peace of mind of knowing that you made an investment that is covered end-to-end. 

The demand for solar is rising because homeowners see a tangible way to fight inflation with just the roof over their heads and the sun shining above it. If you’re interested in learning more, or you already have solar and know a friend or family member who would benefit, please reach out to us!

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