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Your Questions About Tesla Powerwall Answered!

How does Tesla Powerwall work?

Tesla Powerwall is a backup battery that stores the energy generated from your solar panels to be used on demand when the power grid is down. When there is a grid outage, the solar energy stored in your Tesla Powerwall will be routed into priority circuits to continue to power your home. It’s also possible to configure Powerwall to supply your home at night with solar power stored up during the daylight hours, to realize your goals for decarbonizing your lifestyle by using your renewable solar energy instead of grid energy when the sun’s not shining.


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How much does Tesla Powerwall cost to have installed?

The average net cost for two Tesla Powerwalls fully installed by Ipsun Solar is around $22,000. To further increase affordability, the 30% federal tax credit can be applied to your Powerwall if you have solar, bringing the total to around $15,000 to $16,000.

Installation costs can depend on the number of Powerwalls and your home’s electric demand, but your costs are typically cheaper because of this tax credit. If you are financing your solar system with a 20 year loan, your Tesla Powerwall cost can simply be factored into your monthly solar payment.

How long does Tesla Powerwall last?

Depending on your home size, energy demand, and number of installed Powerwalls, the energy storage and length of coverage will vary. A typical 2,200 square foot home with an 8kW solar array and 2 Powerwall can run off solar and the Powerwalls for a week or more in the case of a grid outage.

Unless you have energy intensive equipment such as an EV charger or pool pump, two Powerwalls have the ability to store enough energy to support your home for multiple days in the case of an extended outage. It is important to consider both your energy demand and which systems you want your battery to support when deciding on how many Powerwalls are suitable to purchase. If you have greater energy demand to back up, for example computer servers or other crucial electronics, talk to your energy professional to make sure they understand your aims.

Tesla Powerwall also comes with a 10-year warranty, designed to last most of the Powerwall’s life. Tesla Powerwall may still continue to function normally after this ten year mark, but Tesla’s warranty will no longer cover its replacement. As a high quality product, Tesla Powerwall is made to last and is a sound and worthy investment.

How many solar panels does it take to charge Tesla Powerwall in Virginia?

The amount of solar panels needed in Virginia may depend on the specifics of your house or office. Expert home energy technicians will inspect your home for its energy needs, and determine how much energy your Powerwall requires based on your needs. Your solar installer will also inspect your home for its solar potential, and help decide the amount of solar panels to run your Powerwall.

Can you use Tesla Powerwall without solar panels?

Your Powerwall can operate without solar power, but it can actually be more expensive to use normal grid electricity. First, solar power is cheaper than grid power, allowing you to save money constantly with a Powerwall and solar panels. Running your Powerwall on solar power also gives your home greater energy independence, and solar panels can keep charging your Powerwall if your utility grid fails for any reason – storms, a regional blackout, or a down tree.

Finally, running on solar panels allows you to apply a 30% solar tax credit to the Powerwall’s cost. Without solar panels, you may miss out on this opportunity to save. For all these reasons, using solar panels with your Powerwall is a great idea! Ready to envision your solar plus storage energy future? Let our experienced professionals work with you on a Tesla Powerwall installation now!


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