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The Enphase IQ Battery System

As a Platinum-level, certified Enphase Battery installer, we offer a 10-year equipment warranty and a one-year labor warranty. We believe in this battery system because it offers unique capabilities that other batteries cannot. The seamless inverter/storage package creates a reliable, integrated experience for homeowners. The varied sizing allows you to start small and size up as needed, or create a system that covers any power needs that come your way. And the Enphase app allows you to monitor your usage and get a great overview of your entire system at any moment.

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Here’s why we’re big fans of the Enphase IQ battery system:

  • Flexible sizing: Enphase IQ batteries are modular, so we can better size the system to meet your needs.
  • Seamless Energy: The same Enphase microinverters are in the battery as there are on your solar panels, so there is no one point of failure in this fully integrated system. It’s like having a backup for your backup.
  • Monitoring: Enphase has the best monitoring system on the market and gives you complete visibility to see exactly where power is flowing through your home in real-time.
  • Intelligent Load Control: Enphase’s SmartSwitch technology allows you to choose the essential appliances that need to stay on during an outage—or let our software decide for you.
  • Generator Compatibility: Enphase Battery is compatible with most major generator manufacturers in the US.
  • Safety: Better chemistry than other leading battery manufacturers: Lithium iron phosphate won’t explode if you puncture it, unlike lithium-ion batteries.

In fact, we like the IQ battery system so much we installed them in our own homes!

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Most Advanced Monitoring

With the Enphase mobile app, you will be able to monitor your system status from wherever you are and know exactly how much solar energy you are producing. And you can generate reports on energy production by day, week, month, or year.  All of it is displayed in attractive and easy-to-read graphs and infographics.

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With the Enphase mobile app, you can check your system’s status at-a-glance without scrolling and still dive into the details of your system’s health and performance, per-panel production all while on-the-go. You can view overall energy and per-panel energy production data within a single click as well as overviews of your energy consumption and storage. And the best part is, if you are adding storage to your existing solar, you’ll use your existing app—no need to download and learn a new interface.

Intelligent Load Controller

With the Enphase Load controller, you can conserve battery life by automatically disconnecting nonessential loads using a set of four auxiliary contacts, or use one of the contacts to shed excess PV for greater flexibility in storage system design.

Generator Ready!

With the Enphase Battery, you can integrate solar and battery with a compatible generator when the system goes off-grid or when the battery reaches a low level of charge.

  • Works with most AC generators installed in the US
  • All-in-one app now includes generator features like real-time power flow, remote start/stop, quiet time, and vacation mode.​
  • The Enphase AC architecture and industry-leading microinverters eliminate a single point of failure and provide maximum power to the home when connected to a generator.

Safest Battery Technology

Enphase batteries are manufactured with a different type of battery chemistry that is much safer for residential use. These batteries were designed for home use with the safest battery chemistry available.

This is important because if a solar battery were to be struck by a car or a drill, Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries wouldn’t create thermal runaway. (aka chemical fire 🔥 )

  • Safe cobalt-free battery technology
  • Better chemistry – lithium iron phosphate won’t explode if you puncture it, unlike lithium-ion.
  • Distributed architecture – no single point of failure on the roof or on the ground.


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