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Answer: For residential projects, average 4-5 months. Commercial projects can take longer depending on the size and scope.

Normally, from the time you sign your contract to the time your installation happens can range from about 4-6 months. The time line looks generally like this:

Once your installation day comes, the actual process of installing your solar project typically takes 1-2 days. Please read more about our contactless project process here and our Covid-19 response and precautions here.

After installation, your system will typically take another 30-60 days for interconnection, which is the responsibility of your utility, so they control the speed of the process. Once the system is interconnected and turned on, you can begin using the system and realizing the benefits, as well as register for Renewable Energy Credits (RECs). We will help you register for the RECs, which generally take another 30-60 days for approval, and finally we will help you register those RECs with the appropriate database so that you can sell them if you choose.