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Solar Maintenance

At Ipsun Solar, we do everything in-house and pride ourselves on our expert service team, affectionately known as the Ninja Team. The Ipsun ninjas have extensive experience as electricians and in solar installations, so they will identify your issues quickly and get your system operating at its highest potential.


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The Ipsun App is an all-in-one solar system management application that helps customers take full control of their energy system. Within the app you can access many benefits including:

  • Submit service requests
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  • Track your solar system progress
  • View system performance
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Why is Solar Maintenance Important?

While solar systems do not need a lot of maintenance, if something does need to be fixed or if your panels are not producing in top condition, you can rest assured the Ipsun ninjas are here for you. Often fixes to solar energy systems are quick and easy. For example, when your solar is suddenly not working as expected a fix can be as simple as reconnecting the inverter to wifi, or resetting the inverter. No matter what the problem, the Ipsun ninjas are ready to diagnose your PV issues and make any necessary repairs.

Our solar service and maintenance department is always ready to help our Ipsun customers. Please note that at this time we’re only able to service systems we installed.

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Our Solar Maintenance Services

At our solar installation company, we offer a comprehensive range of solar maintenance services to ensure your system operates efficiently and effectively. Our services include:

Solar Panel Cleaning

We use industry-leading equipment and techniques to clean your solar panels. Our team of experts removes all the dirt, pollen, and debris from your solar panels, ensuring they operate at maximum efficiency.

Electrical Inspection

Our solar maintenance team is available to perform a comprehensive electrical inspection on your solar and battery system to identify any potential issues.. We test all wiring, switches, and connections to ensure they are functioning correctly.

Performance Evaluation

Our service team will undergo a detailed analysis of your system’s performance, identify any issues, and make corrections to ensure your system operates at its highest potential.

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