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Solar panel installation at a leesburg virginia home

Ipsun in the News: Your Guide to Virginia Solar Panel Costs, Incentives and Installers

Ipsun is proud to be listed as the first local installer in CNET’s roundup of Virginia solar companies. We encourage any homeowner thinking about solar to learn as much as they can about incentives and what’s involved–and then to get multiple quotes, with at least one from a local installer. CNET’s guide below is a great start: 

CNET Ipsun in the newsYou can also check out our guides to saving money with solar energy, and comparing solar proposals:

With Electricity Prices Rising, Solar Brings Budget Stability

Pink Energy’s demise highlights 6 ways to tell a good solar installer from a bad apple

10 Tips to Help You Compare Solar Proposals

Reach out any time with questions. we love talking solar with you! 


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