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Ipsun Solar Recognized as Top U.S. Solar Installation Company

The U.S. solar industry is on the upswing, thanks to a pro-renewables presidential administration and as people express growing concern over climate change. Here at Ipsun, we’ve had a front-row seat to this action, with the company’s total kilowatts installed nearly doubling over the last year.

Solar Power World has recognized the company’s installation success by ranking Ipsun at No. 257 on the 2021 Top Solar Contractors list.


The Top Solar Contractors list is developed each year by Solar Power World to honor the work of solar installers in the United States. Solar firms in the utility, commercial and residential markets are ranked by number of kilowatts installed in the previous year. Companies are grouped and listed by specific service, markets and states.

“Not even COVID-19 closures and slowdowns could prevent the solar industry from installing fantastic numbers last year,” said Kelly Pickerel, editor in chief of Solar Power World. “The Solar Power World team is so glad to recognize over 400 companies on the 2021 Top Solar Contractors list that not only survived a pandemic but thrived in spite of it.”

The U.S. solar industry grew 43% in 2020, installing more solar panels on homes, businesses and across the country than any other year on record. The residential market saw an 11% increase, which is remarkable considering the difficulties of maneuvering home solar projects through pandemic precautions.

“Ipsun saw tremendous growth in 2020, nearly doubling our size and capacity,” said Ipsun CEO Herve Billiet. “We’re so proud to have installed a total of 2186.4kW, up from 1236kW installed in 2019, and we were thrilled to bring on 21 new employees as well. It was not easy during the pandemic, but our amazing team pulled together and made it happen.

“We were especially proud to break the top 100 rank overall for residential installers, coming in at No. 99 in the United States,” he added. “These rankings show that we were able to continue our mission to fight climate change by installing as much solar as possible. Especially as recent studies show climate change is happening even faster than scientists predicted, our entire team is very proud of this accomplishment and proud to be part of the solution.”

The federal government passed a two-year extension on the solar investment tax credit (ITC) at the end of 2020, which will further accelerate solar adoption across all market segments. After installing 19.2 GW in 2020, research firm Wood Mackenzie expects the U.S. solar market to quadruple by 2030. Ipsun has participated in advocacy efforts to further extend the ITC through organizing with SEIA and through our membership in the Amicus Solar Cooperative.

Ipsun employs 52 workers who installed 2186.4kW of solar power in 2020. Since its founding in 2016, the company has installed 3,906.6 kW of solar.

Reach out to us if you have questions about how to advocate for solar in your neighborhood, or to let your elected officials know how important good solar policy is for our collective future. The numbers above make great talking points when speaking with your legislators about solar, and we are always happy to provide more information or context!

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