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Multiply your installed kW by 1.2 to find your estimated amount of SRECs

Several places in the USA have an SREC market. They usually allocate a Solar Renewable Energy Credit (SREC) for every MWh a system produces. So the question becomes, what is the estimated power production of a solar energy system? There are many variables that influence the power production including but not limited to:

  • Geographic location that (see NREL map below)
  • Tilt of the solar panel
  • Solar panel degradation rate over time
  • Ambient Temperature (the colder the better the panel produces)
  • Dust, debris built-up over time
  • Shading
  • Inverter type: string, optimizer, micro-inverter

Ipsun Solar installs solar panels in and around Washington DC. Our area receives about 4kWh/sq m / day.

Global Horizontal Solar Irradiance

Rule of Thumb

At Ipsun we use specialized software to calculate precisely how much a solar energy system is supposed to produce, but we also have a rule of thumb for our area: Multiply the installed kW of your system by 1.2 to get your the annual SRECs you can expect.


  • Commercial system: 500 kW x 1.2 = 600 SRECs
  • A small residential system of 10kW x 1.2 can expect 12 SRECs a year


Multiply the installed kW by 1.2 to get your expected annual SRECs