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Solar + batteries = peace of mind in Falls Church VA

Solar incentives in Falls Church VA

Cheers to our newly named Crew #PanelPushers! 👊

They worked so hard this week on this beautiful Falls Church VA home, installing a 24.4kW solar and battery system. Love the camaraderie and teamwork! 🙌 Keeping cool on the steeps, too 😎

This project features 61 Q Cells 400 watt solar panels, a 20.16 kWh Enphase IQ battery system, Enphase IQ8+ microinverters, and SnapNrack mounting system. It’ll offset 109% of these homeowners’ energy usage, and provide a 4% return on their investment every year. The CO2 savings from this system are equivalent to not using 45,000 gallons of gasoline – how cool is that?

Project Details

Supervising Engineer: Daniel Remaley

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