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Can I walk on solar panels? Yes, but you shouldn’t.

We are asked many times if a person can walk on solar panels. 

Short answer:


Long answer:

A person can walk on a solar panel and no, you won’t get electrocuted. You can consider a solar panels similar to any other appliance. Can you touch a washing machine or a toaster? Yes, and you shouldn’t be electrocuted. All these appliance are UL listed, just like a solar panel is.

Walking on a solar panel is physically possible. You may create micro-cracks of your solar cells, so we don’t recommend it, but in case of an emergency, one can safely walk on a solar panels. Keep in mind that it’s a glass surface, so it can be slippery when it’s wet. Here is a video where a fireman with his full weight and equipment walks in the middle of on a solar panel:



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