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Interview with Virginia Energy Sense

Partner Spotlight: Ipsun Power

Virginia Energy Sense interviewed Ipsun Power Managing Partner Herve Billiet to discuss how his organization is playing a role in encouraging environmental stewardship.

Ipsun-Solar-2Please provide a short summary of what Ipsun Power is and the work it does:

We are a local solar development company based out of Fairfax, Virginia. We design, engineer, install, and maintain solar panel systems on residential and commercial buildings.

What is your role in the organization and how long has the organization been a part of Virginia Energy Sense?

We partner with Virginia Energy Sense because we generate power and because it makes sense to partner with VES. Our core mission is to install solar panels to generate clean power, but to fight climate change we also need to reduce our power and that is where our mission perfectly aligns with yours. We need both energy production and energy reduction and conservation to fight climate change.

How is Ipsun Power helping the Commonwealth meet its goal of reducing energy consumption?

  • We provide Virginia Energy Sense promotion material to all our customers in Virginia. Our customers love it. All our customers that installed a solar system are looking into ways to reduce their power usage or have already done that.
  • We also provide employment to people that want to work in the sustainable energy industry and offer learning opportunities at colleges, local high schools, non-profits and events.

What are some ways in which your organization has encourage environmental stewardship?

  • We walk the talk. Nearly our entire fleet is composed of electric vehicles. We have several people in the office that ride their bike to go see customers. That is possible for customers in Washington, D.C.
  • We have a program to install solar panels at cost on our employee’s home. So far, nearly all our employees that own a home have solar.

Looking ahead, how do you see Virginia meeting its goal of becoming more energy efficient?


  • Education: Organizations like Virginia Energy Sense have a key role in promoting and educating our people about energy savings.
  • Implementation: Once people know about energy efficiency and want to act on it, we’re here to make it happen. Ipsun Power installs solar panels, but we also do energy efficiency projects like lighting and electric car charger installations.

Partner Spotlight: Ipsun Power

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