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Safety is always a concern

As a solar developer, safety has to be our minds. Our team includes field crew members who put their lives on the line every day to save our planet. This sounds dramatic, but we do have a job with a high risk, just like a roofer does.

We install solar panels on commercial and residential buildings, sometimes hundreds of feet high. But our industry protects and looks after our people. Preventing injury and property damage are central goals for us daily.

How we keep safety a top priority

solar_install-300x200-1Safety is important to us. We have a safety manual and are diligent about our safety on the roof and in the field.

Harnesses, tie-ins, perimeter caution tape and cones, helmets and lifting systems are all among the pieces of equipment you’ll see our crew members using. Vests, gloves, boots and other protective gear are issued to our teams and vehicles are maintained.

At the same time, we often have to recognize there’s a danger of forgetting about the safety of our office personnel and our outside salespeople and representatives that are continuously on the road.

Behind the wheel

That’s why today, we signed the DRIVE SMART pledge http://www.drivesmartva.org/current-projects/safety-partners/


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